Will I get to know to whom the scholarship is going to?

Yes, you will be given a profile of your student. After a scholarship starts, your student’s mother is given a mobile phone to which you will also have access, as well as access to the school’s head teacher.

How long is the scholarship?

The scholarship continues until your student completes Class 5 and receives his/her Primary School Certificate.

How is the mobile phone for the mother financed?

The total cost of starting a scholarship including the mobile phone, sim card and other expenses is TK 1400. This amount is adjusted in the first 4 months, while your scholarship payment of TK 950 remains the same.

The student receives TK 450/month for the first four months while the remaining TK 350 goes towards the cost of the registration.

From the 5th month onwards, your student receives TK 800/Month, which continues until completion of Class 5.